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Full Building Survey

A detailed inspection of a property

A Full Building Survey (previously known as a Structural Survey) is a detailed inspection of properties including; houses, bungalows, converted and purpose built flats, warehouse, shops, factories, leisure facilities and offices.

These are detailed reports designed to provide the buyer with expert building advice before proceeding with a purchase.

Is a Full Building Survey right for me?

A Full Building Survey may be carried out on any type property, however is more necessary on older type buildings, poorly maintained or unusual type properties or a house on the larger scale. This type of survey is also excellent if you are wishing to alter or extend your property substantially or if this has already been carried out on the property.

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What is included in a report?

The detailed report includes;

  • The structure of the roof
  • Any major problems with the building
  • Any suspected problems with damp or timber infestation that may require specialist attention
  • Anything problem that could potentially be expensive to repair
  • The general condition of the external parts of the building and easily accessible internal areas
  • The overall impression of the properties' sewerage system and water supplies

It will also include;

  • Looking at any out buildings, the grounds and boundaries at the property
  • Give an explanation of potential consequences of problems uncovered during the inspection

If you wish, you may also tailor make a building survey to suit your requirements, for example if you may be planning on building a conservator or extension to your property or any major renovation works.

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