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The final checklist before completion

Newly-built or converted properties are known for minor defects or "snags" caused by poor workmanship or equipment. A snagging survey also known as snagging list or snagging inspection is a report prepared prior to completion. The purpose of a snagging list is to identify defects in your home for your house builder to fix.

Stone Survey has many years of combined experience in Snagging Surveys and have inspected hundreds of properties over the years. We ensure that your move into your new home is coupled with the peace of mind that a highly qualified and independent company has checked the property.

A snagging survey could save yourself thousands of pounds by identifying snags in your property. If these snags are not identified then you could end up with a problem property. On average twenty snags are found for a house or flat, sometimes many more.

A snag can be a small defect or problem that remains after the building work has been completed on the property. It is typically something that is damaged or broken; not fitted properly or looks unfinished. It can also include more major defects like faulty sockets, major cracks and even major structural issues.

Snagging Survey Summary

We inspect the property internally in detail, within every room and will include roof spaces or outbuildings if specifically part of the property. We can provide a snagging survey, prior or after purchase, usually prior.

Once the snagging survey has been issued, we remain available to provide you with ongoing support & advice and further inspections if needed. We only work for the purchasers of new build homes and not for house builders to avoid any conflict of interest.

If you are considering instructing a Snagging Inspection, please do get in touch and email us at or call 0203 355 5045.


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