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Mortgage Valuations

When applying for a mortgage, your lender will request that a mortgage valuation is completed on the property. This will offer reassurance to the lender that your property offers the suitable security for the loan agreement.

A mortgage valuation will assess the size of the property, its age and location, however, it’s not a detailed review of the condition of the property. If more information is required on the physical state of the property you’re about to purchase, a full building survey or homebuyers report may be necessary.

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Insurance Valuations

Insurance valuations estimate how much it would possibly cost to rebuild your property from scratch.

The Insurance Valuation forms the basis of your building insurance policy and will be based on an up to date, current calculation using modern day building materials, techniques and extended costs such as clearance.

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Tax Valuations

Calculating your capital tax gains on your property can be a complex job, especially when selling a property that has been in your ownership for many years. We aim to ensure that your self-assessment for capital gains tax is a simple process with our tax valuation service, placing an historic value on your property.

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Probate Valuations

The loss of a loved one is an emotionally, difficult time for all involved and when the owner of a property passes away, the executors of their estate will often require a valuation of the property owned.

These types of valuations are called Probate valuations. These are used to assess the amount of money held in the estate which is essential when trying to calculate an inheritance tax figure.

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Matrimony Valuations

When a couple separates or divorces, sometimes there is the sad issue of dividing assets which at times requires the help of the courts. A Matrimonial Valuation may be requested from the courts to help ascertain and assist division of the assets during these matrimonial disputes.

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Leasehold Enfranchisement

Acting on behalf of leaseholders and freeholders in relation to lease extensions and freehold purchase applications, we specialise in preparing these unique valuations on behalf of the leaseholder or freeholder. Whether these are undertaken on an informal basis or by the involvement of the leaseholder’s statutory rights, we are experienced in advising of the procedures involved and if necessary, acting as an expert witness at any potential tribunal hearing.

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